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Menlo Micro MM3100

Menlo MM3100 MEMSSo how does a micro electromechanical switch have such good power handling capabilities? The answer is that Menlo use the same cell design and by combining many cells in series or paralell the voltage or current handling capability can be scaled up as required, it's scalable from mW to kW. 

Switches can be scaled to have ultra-low losses, from 1 Ohm to a few milliohms and a the electrostatic-driven actuator means a single switch only needs a few pA to function offering great power efficiency which is obviously hugely important if you're working from a battery. 

The Menlo MM3100 6 channel SPST digital micro switch is available now. Contact us for details.

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Menlo Micro

We're pleased to be representing Menlo Micro whose Digital Micro Switch (DMS) platform is a true game changer, a micro sized electromechanical switch with high reliability. Micro electromechanical switches (MEMS) have been around a while but have been plagued by reliability issues but the unique Menlo design gives all the advantages of a micro electromechanical switch but with a lifetime of more than a 1,000 times longer than a traditional mechanical switch; not millions of cycles, but 10s of billions of cycles without degrading performance.

Menlo MM3100 diagramWhat makes Menlo Micro switching technology different is a unique set of patented metal alloys and processing techniques developed by General Electric's Global Research Team. GE wanted a micro switch that worked and unable to find anything on the market they decided to develop their own. With the core technology development completed and qualified for production in GE systems the decision was made to spin out Menlo Micro as a vehicle to take products into 5G mobile networks, industrial IOT, battery management, electric vehicles, medical systems and more.

So if you want a switching solution that takes up minimal board space & weight, has a switching time of only a few microseconds as opposed to the milliseconds of conventional EM switches, great power handling and power efficiency with that excellent reliability then give us a call and ask about Menlo Micro switches.

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Sunsight AAT

The Sunsight AAT-30 is the class leading Antenna Alignment Tool used for sector antenna alignment. Now we have the Sunsight Microwave Path Alignment Kit for point to point microwave links. Accuracy, ease of use & durability make the alignment kit the best solution for microwave link installation. Measurement reports with all site & alignment details, including photos, can be dowloaded in PDF or CSV format to any WiFi enabled device.

 Click here for a short video explaining how the Sunsight Microwave Path Alignment Kit will save time and money.

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