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Narda SignalShark at EW Europe 2017

We were pleased to support L3 Narda Test Solutions at Electronic Warfare Europe 2017. The event at Olympa in London was the first UK outing for the new Narda SignalShark.

See the video taken at the show by Shepard Media.

The SignalShark is a dedicated hand held signal analyser capable of classifying and locating signal sources between 9 kHz & 8 GHz. It has a high sweep rate (up to 40GHz/s) and the 40 MHz real time instantaneous bandwidth means it has a fantastic point of intercept (POI). It can be used with the range of Narda directional and fully automatic direction finding antennas.   




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Menlo Micro

We're pleased to be representing Menlo Micro whose Digital Micro Switch (DMS) platform is a true game changer, a micro sized electromechanical switch with high reliability. Micro electromechanical switches (MEMS) have been around a while but have been plagued by reliability issues but the unique Menlo design gives all the advantages of a micro electromechanical switch but with a lifetime of more than a 1,000 times longer than a traditional mechanical switch; not millions of cycles, but 10s of billions of cycles without degrading performance.

Menlo MM3100 diagramWhat makes Menlo Micro switching technology different is a unique set of patented metal alloys and processing techniques developed by General Electric's Global Research Team. GE wanted a micro switch that worked and unable to find anything on the market they decided to develop their own. With the core technology development completed and qualified for production in GE systems the decision was made to spin out Menlo Micro as a vehicle to take products into 5G mobile networks, industrial IOT, battery management, electric vehicles, medical systems and more.

So if you want a switching solution that takes up minimal board space & weight, has a switching time of only a few microseconds as opposed to the milliseconds of conventional EM switches, great power handling and power efficiency with that excellent reliability then give us a call and ask about Menlo Micro switches.

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Sunsight AAT offers superior accuracy for optimum network performance

Sunsight AAT-30

Sunsight antenna alignment tools enable telecommunications-antenna installers and maintenance technicians to rapidly align antennas to the highest levels of accuracy, thereby optimising network performance.
Manufactured by US firm Sunsight Instruments LLC, the AntennaAlign Alignment Tool (AAT) measures the antenna’s azimuth, tilt, roll and height above ground level and instantly displays the results on any WiFi-enabled device. There is no need for cables, additional software or post processing.
The AAT is simple to operate and is supplied with a universal mount allowing it to be easily attached to almost any antenna. Reports can be generated on-site and transmitted immediately in PDF or CSV format as a permanent record of the final alignment specifications, including date, time, latitude and longitude.
As well as being extremely light (1.6kg), the AAT is designed to withstand the rigours of the outdoor environment. It has no internal moving parts and features a weather-resistant and durable powder-coated aluminium housing, which also provides excellent RF shielding. Operating temperature range is specified as -40 to 70degC.

Also available is the MW-15 Microwave Path Alignment Kit, which is a complete system for aligning microwave links regardless of distance. Using the exact GPS locations of two antennas, the kit calculates and displays the required alignment at both ends of the link in real time. This method enables links to be aligned by a single technician, unlike other systems that require two technicians at each end of the link. No RF power is required and the process involves no disassembly of the antennas or removal of the feed horn. The Microwave Path Alignment Kit includes two AAT alignment tools, two Sunsight IP68 rugged tablet computers, two universal microwave mounts, two battery chargers and two hard carrying cases.

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