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Whether for working on rooftops or climbing masts and towers we provide Nardalert and Radman personal monitors and frequency selective or broadband measurement equipment.

Survey Equipment | Personal Monitors



Higher power systems have greater potential for exceeding permissible exposure levels. Our shaped frequency response products are ideal for ensuring EMF safety in a challenging working environment.

Survey Equipment | Personal Monitors


Military systems can be high power and difficult to measure accurately, Narda patented thermocouple sensors are an ideal way to measure or monitor pulsed radar systems.

Survey Equipment | Personal Monitors
Area Monitors


Whether working on fixed earth station or mobile SNG systems personal monitors or survey equipment can be used to check waveguide runs, amplifiers or areas close to antennas.

Survey Equipment | Personal Monitors

Industrial, Scientific & Medical

Industrial equipment using RF energy for welding, heating or drying or any equipment that operates with a high current is worthy of assessment. See Narda ELT-400, EFA-300, NIM-511/513.

Survey Equipment


EMC testing can require the use of high power amplifiers and hence EMF safety has to be considered. Also the ELT-400 is ideal for magnetic field measurements conforming to EN560366.

Survey Equipment

Survey Equipment

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Electric (E) and Magnetic (H) field measurement equipment, both broadband and frequency selective, covering wide frequency ranges from ELF to 60GHz+.

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Product Support

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In house repair and calibration on the complete range of Nardalert personal monitors plus first line repair and assessment on all Narda Safety Test Solutions products.

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Personal Monitors

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Nardalert or Radman personal monitors are used to monitor exposure levels for personnel who may be subjected to relatively high RF field strengths in the course of their work.

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With our unparalleled experience of Narda ELF & RF safety equipment, we are able to provide a great range of specialist RF safety training seminars.

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Area Monitors

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In some cases, fixed monitors are a better solution than hand held survey equipment or personal monitors. Field prediction software can be used to provide safety assessments.

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Take a look through the most frequently asked questions about the products and services that we offer. Can't find what you are looking for? - please contact us today.

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EMF Safety

We are the UK’s leading supplier of EMF safety equipment, providing Extra Low Frequency (ELF) measurement equipment for ‘power’ or ‘mains’ frequencies as well as a range of meters and probes operating at Radio Frequencies (RF) for both the electric and the magnetic field.

As well as measurement equipment we also provide personal monitors which are used to monitor RF exposure levels in the workplace and area monitors which are used to monitor field strength in a specific location. Our meters, probes and monitors are manufactured by Narda Safety Test Solutions.


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