An NVG-compatible version of the Azdec mobile infra-red communications system is now available.

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The Azdec NVG version is designed to provide totally secure, wire-free, short-range voice communications on board naval or other vessels where night vision devices may be deployed.

Particularly suitable for use on the bridge of an aircraft carrier or LPD the Azdec NVG system has no wires other than the link from headset to battery pack. It therefore gives personnel complete freedom to roam from their base positions, whereas conventional wired systems tend to severely restrict operator mobility. Operators can either speak to each other or link into the ship’s main communications system via the Azdec base station.

Unlike even low-power radio systems such as DECT, there is no possibility of a signal being detected or causing interference on electronic systems, since the envelope of reception is well defined and there are no radio-frequency emissions. This means that wire-free operational communications can still be maintained on board ship while under radio silence.

Employing low-level infra-red digital encoding technology, the Azdec NVG system provides extremely clear, multi-channel, full-duplex communications. It poses no health or EMC hazard and is completely immune to electromagnetic interference – even severe energy pulses.

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