We’re pleased to announce we are exhibiting at the ATC Global exhibition in Amsterdam March 12th – 14th.

On show will be radio frequency monitoring and direction finding equipment from Narda Test Solutions and our ultra secure Azdec infra red voice communication system.

The Narda IDA-3106 is a hand portable ultra fast interference and direction analyser. It is designed to identify and locate the sources of radio signals. Either intentional or unintentional sources of interference can be quickly identified and unique ‘Smart DF’ software manages the triangulation results and automatically calculates emitter positions. The Narda NRA family of rack mount spectrum analysers are ideal for monitoring systems such as radio beacons either locally or remotely; the NRA data can be viewed and operated via the internet so several units can monitor large areas with data fed back to a central control room.

The Azdec infra red communication system supports multiple users in either a control centre or control tower. In the control centre environment the system can be configured to provide a communications cell associated with each desk, while in a control tower multiple channels allow the free movement of many controllers throughout the area. On show will be our new adapted Sennheiser HME 46 headset specifically designed for ATC applications.

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