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4G & 5G interference hunting with a real time spectrum analyser

The term real time spectrum analyser (RTSA) is commonly used but what does it really mean? Understanding the differences between traditional analogue spectrum analysers and real time devices is a great way of getting to the advantages of using a RTSA for interference hunting.

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Radio monitoring & DF solutions

The Narda  SignalShark Remote unit provides a powerful permanent monitoring solution. It has a small form factor, easy to install in a 19 inch rack or a tight corner of a vehicle for mobile applications. It uses SCPI for remote control commands and can run third party applications.

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Auto DF at Security & Policing 2019

New at Security & Policing 2019 is the Automatic Direction Finding Antenna (ADFA) From Narda. Coupled with the SignalShark real time spectrum analyser it is a powerful tool for either fixed or mobile monitoring of radio signals.

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What makes a RTSA better?

Most of us in the RF & microwave world are familiar with spectrum analysers but what’s the difference between a real time spectrum analyser (RTSA) and a more traditional swept-tuned instrument? The clue is in the name and a swept-tuned analyser sweeps from left to right displaying measurement results sequentially i.e. not real time.

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What's New in Electronics Live 2018

WNIE Live takes place at the NEC in Birmingham from 25th-26th September and we would love to welcome you to visit us on stand B26 and find out how we can help you to improve and innovate your business. WNIE Live offers an industry spanning mix of technical content, exhibits, live features and forums - beat the queues and register for free entry now! We're exhibiting as part of EMC UK and will have the brand new SignalShark real- time spectrum analyser on the stand as well as our range of amplifiers and active and passive RF & microwave components.

Menlo Micro MM3100

So how does a micro electromechanical switch have such good power handling capabilities? The answer is that Menlo use the same cell design and by combining many cells in series or paralell the voltage or current handling capability can be scaled up as required, it's scalable from mW to kW.

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Menlo Micro

We're pleased to be representing Menlo Micro whose Digital Micro Switch (DMS) platform is a true game changer, a micro sized electromechanical switch with high reliability.

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Sunsight AAT

The Sunsight AAT-30 is the class leading Antenna Alignment Tool used for sector antenna alignment. Now we have the Sunsight Microwave Path Alignment Kit for point to point microwave links.

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Low Phase Noise OCXOS

Precision measurement and reliable communications need a solid reference. Network analyzer measurements are only as good as the noise they themselves generate.

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PE42020 True DC RF Switch

The PE42020 is a HaRP™ technology-enhanced SPDT True DC RF switch that operates from zero Hertz up to 8 GHz with integrated RF, analog and digital functions.

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UPC2 Uplink Power Control

We now offer MITEQ's UPC2 Uplink Power Control Unit. It is rack-mountableUPC2 Uplink Power Control, designed to adjust the strength of uplink signals to compensate for varying weather conditions. The UPC2 can control up to ten uplink channels. The attenuator channels are available for L-Band or 70/140 MHz IF frequencies.

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4G/LTE TV interference; serious problem or not?

Well the answer to the question is despite a number of trials we’re still not sure. It’s tough to get to the truth of the matter because trials to date have had some issues like base stations not operating on full power or maybe the TV channels for the given area aren’t the most likely to be affected.

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Solving the 4G LTE interference problem

It was excellent earlier in the year when we won a large contract from DMSL (an organisation funded by and representing the 4G operators) to supply filters for use by both individual consumers and ‘communal’ units designed for use in premises with a shared aerial e.g. blocks of flats.

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4G/LTE TV interference

Call it what you will; 4G or LTE (long term evolution), the latest mobile phone technology which will shortly be rolled out across the UK has the capacity to interfere with TV signals.

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Radio vs Infra Red communication

For defence applications where detection of radio signals by opposing forces is a potential problem there is an alternate solution; infra red (IR).

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