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Auto DF at Security & Policing 2019

New at Security & Policing 2019 is the Automatic Direction Finding Antenna (ADFA) From Narda. Coupled with the SignalShark real time spectrum analyser it is a powerful tool for either fixed or mobile monitoring of radio signals.

It has a fast response, quickly providing azimuth bearings to 1.5 degrees or less, also providing elevation information. Fitted to a vehicle it provides data to generate a 'heat map' of the likely transmitter location. Even in an urban environment (with many signal reflections) the signal location algorithm  provides a best estimate of the location enabling quick convergence on the suspect location. Further 'last mile' location work can be carried out using the range of Narda manual DF antennas. The example screen shot shows a spectrum view, signal bearing information and a map display.  

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