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Radio monitoring & DF solutions

The Narda  SignalShark Remote unit provides a powerful permanent monitoring solution. It has a small form factor, easy to install in a 19 inch rack or a tight corner of a vehicle for mobile applications. It uses SCPI for remote control commands and can run third party applications.

SignalSharkBut most importantly it has the same excellent RF performance of the SignalShark handheld unit. High sensitivity and a wide intermodulation-free dynamic range means low level signals can be identified even when a much stronger signal is present. When you look at the DANL/Noise Figure & IP2/IP3 figures you understand how the SignalShark detects signals when other systems would fail. To add direction finding capability you just combine it with the Narda auto DF antenna (ADFA). Thanks to everyone who stopped by to learn more about the SignalShark range at Security & Policing 2019. 



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