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Low Phase Noise OCXOS

Precision measurement and reliable communications need a solid reference. Network analyzer measurements are only as good as the noise they themselves generate.

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Satellite communication terminals and radar need low noise to hold the channel and provide a clear image. MtronPTI’s XO5123 Series Low Phase Noise OCXOs bring the ultra-low phase noise and high stability these systems need.

In the near past, low noise reference oscillators were bulky multicubic-inch boxes, perhaps designed by system builders themselves. No more. MtronPTI’s XO5123 Series delivers down to -115 dBc/Hz @ 1 Hz and -172 dBc/Hz noise floor in a small, 36 x 27 mm, ‘Europack’ package. Consuming only 2.5 Watts steady state and with ± 0.1 ppm/year aging, the XO5123 Series also meets SWaP (low size, weight and power) requirements as well as ensuring long, accurate equipment life.

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