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UPC2 Uplink Power Control

We now offer MITEQ's UPC2 Uplink Power Control Unit. It is rack-mountableUPC2 Uplink Power Control, designed to adjust the strength of uplink signals to compensate for varying weather conditions. The UPC2 can control up to ten uplink channels. The attenuator channels are available for L-Band or 70/140 MHz IF frequencies.

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The UPC2 can adjust up to 30 dB of uplink power correction for each channel. The UPC2 can be setup completely from the front panel or over a remote bus via a host computer. All monitor and control functions are accessible at the front panel as well as over the remote bus. The UPC2 protocol set is backward-compatible with the well-known MITEQ UPC-A and UPC-L products. As an option, MITEQ offers the UPC2 with Remote Site Diversity Switching supporting applications that employ geographically separated redundant uplink systems such that uplink signals will be transmitted from the site experiencing the most favorable weather conditions.

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