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DSEi 2023

We're exhibiting at DSEi 2023 where we’ll be displaying our unique ultra secure infra-red voice communication system. Come and see us on stand H2-819.

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PIM Test Module for live site testing

In response to customer requests we’ve developed a PIM test module designed specifically for monitoring PIM in live systems. The results from live site PIM testing can be very different from conventional PIM testing using just two 20W signals.

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Rackmount frequency references 10MHz to 6GHz

MtronPTI have launched additions to their XO9085 series of 19 inch rackmount integrated frequency reference sources. Units offer high stability ultra-low phase noise clock references over the frequency range 10 MHz to 6 GHz, are capable of multiple fixed frequency outputs and can be phase locked to an external reference.

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Three Channel rotary joint for X band radar systems

The latest addition to our extensive range of microwave rotary joints is the AMCORJD-3, a device featuring three X-band channels, one of which is used to transmit and the others for receive signals in radar systems for coastal/border surveillance or critical infrastructure protection.

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MtronPTI XO9095 OXCO: high frequency, low phase-noise & low g-sensitivity

MtronPTI has recently introduced the XO9095 series: an oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) integrated with low noise multipliers, filters for superior spectral purity and low noise discrete amplifiers to generate a high frequency, low phase noise sine wave output. Standard frequencies are 1GHz and 1.28GHz with various custom output frequencies available ranging from 200MHz to 6GHz.

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MtronPTI XO7013 VCXO: low phase noise & low g-sensitivity

MtronPTI has launched the XO7013 series which is the industry’s lowest phase noise VCXO with low g-sensitivity capability. The XO7013 has been developed for applications that require extremely low phase noise under dynamic conditions: typical phase noise of -114 dBc/Hz and -164 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz and 1 MHz offsets respectively with a low g-sensitivity performance of 0.3ppb/g.

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UMS CHA7618-99F 10W 5.5 to 18 GHz High Power Amplifier

United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) has successfully launched the three-stage high power amplifier (HPA) CHA7618-99F operating over the frequency range of 5.5GHz to 18.0GHz. This HPA provides a small signal gain of more than 30dB providing 10W of output power associated with 20% of power-added efficiency (PAE).

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Exodus 18-40 GHz SSPAs for TWT replacements

Exodus Advanced Communications has just launched two solid state HPAs covering the frequency range 18 to 40 GHz providing superb performance compared to TWTs. The AMP4037DB-1LC are class A/AB linear amplifiers designed for communications, EMI/RFI, lab, CW and pulsed applications. They offer power output of 10W minimum (P1dB 8W typical), minimum gain of 40 dB, -20dBc harmonics as well as gain control with a <10dB noise figure.

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DSEi 2021 Infrared comms

DSEi 2021 logo

We're pleased to announce that we are exhibiting at DSEi 2021, stand H2-508. Our main focus is our unique Azdec infrared voice communication system that provides local mobile communications in areas such as operation rooms, secure training facilities, machinery spaces, ships' bridges and bridge wings. The system has no detectable RF emissions satisfying TEMPEST or EMCON conditions and is immune to electrical noise thus providing clear audio in demanding environments. Our Azdec systems are 100% designed and manufactured in the UK.

Also on display will be the SignalShark radio monitoring and direction finding (DF) system manufactured by Narda Safety Test Solutions. The SignalShark family includes handheld and remote units providing fixed, vehicle mounted or man portable solutions and coupled with the automatic detection finding antenna (ADFA) the system is capable of automatically providing signal bearings and a local 'heatmap' for the source of unwanted emissions. Superior RF performance means that low level field strengths are captured from further away and fast intermittent signals can be captured and identified even when masked by other signals operating at the same frequency.  

Metrolab THM1176 3 axis Hall magnetometer

We’re pleased to announce we have just signed a distribution agreement with Metrolab, the Geneva based market leader for precision magnetometers.

The Metrolab THM1176 3 axis Hall magnetometer has long been a preferred solution for laboratory and industrial magnetic field measurement solutions. The latest version is a USB device with the complete instrument reduced to a probe and cable that can be plugged directly into a computer or tablet. Capable of measuring fields from µT to 14 T from DC to 1 kHz the THM1176 family is the most versatile and compact magnetometer solution available.

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PimPro PIM analyser calibration

Over recent months we’ve been working with CCI, manufacturer of the PimPro PIM analyser series, to provide local calibration solutions. We’re pleased to announce that we can now calibrate PimPro units in our Basingstoke lab, or to keep equipment down time to an absolute minimum, another option is for users to perform their own in-house calibration.

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Ceramic waveguide filters & duplexers for LTE & 5G NR applications

Korean manufacturer of RF components ITF has just released details of new ceramic waveguide duplexers aimed at LTE base station applications. Units offer 5W or 20W power handling, 50 ohm single ended operation in a compact surface mount packages. Click here for datasheets.

ITF also offer a range of ceramic waveguide bandpass filters for LTE & 5G NR applications. As well as these standard products ITF are pleased to engage with any custom applications. Just contact us for further details.

Exodus AMP6034 27 to 29 GHz SSPA

Leading SSPA manufacturer Exodus has introduced a new suite of test amplifiers with integrated synthesizer and power monitoring making them ideal for EMI/RFI, communications, EW and other test applications. 

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MtronPTI filters & oscillators for instrumentation & industrial applications

If you need excellent stability, low phase noise and low aging oscillators then MtronPTI address those specifications. Oscillators with operating temperatures up to +200 degrees Celsius, low phase noise designs in all standard packages, output types and voltages, wash proof surface mount LC filters and ultra low phase noise, integrated pll (phase locked loop) and low G sensitivity OXCOs to 6 GHz are all part of the range. For further information see the new MtronPTI instrument & industrial applications guide.

RF shield boxes from AWT

It’s easy to overlook the virtues of something that can be taken for granted but anyone involved in RF testing knows that a robust well-made test fixture makes work so much easier. Couple that with excellent RF shielding and the range of RF shield boxes from AWT are a first choice for anyone performing test and measurement on electronic modules and devices that need to be protected from unwanted RF signals.

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New DC to 26 GHz high reliability switch: Menlo Micro MEMS MM5130

The MM5130 is the new DC to 26 GHz SP4T micro electromechanical switch (MEMS) from Menlo Micro. Building on their GE heritage Menlo have  combined their extensive knowledge of material science with the latest generation of Through-Glass-Via (TGV) technology to produce a high performance electromechanical switch in a miniature 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm WLCSP package.  

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We're back in the office Monday 4th January 2021

What a year 2020 has been!

As Christmas approaches we reflect on a difficult year for everyone.

We would like to thank all our customers and suppliers for their continued support and hope you have a safe and enjoyable Christmas.

2020 marked our 25th year in business but clearly our anniversary plans were shelved. Instead we have made a donation to a local charity in Basingstoke supporting homeless or vulnerable people.

Here's hoping that 2021 is an altogether better year.

We re-open for business on Monday 4th January 2021. 

SignalShark 3300 outdoor unit for spectrum monitoring & auto DF

The Narda SignalShark real time spectrum analyser (RTSA) is now available as an outdoor unit, ideal for spectrum monitoring and if direction finding is required the SignalShark 3300 unit can be coupled with the Automatic Direction Finding Antenna (ADFA) to automatically provide signal bearings or units can be configured as part of a TDOA (Time Difference Of Arrival) system.

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Exodus X-band outdoor pulsed amplifier AMP5055P-SSC

US based solid state amplifier manufacturer Exodus have just released a new ruggedised high reliability outdoor pulsed amplifier capable of delivering a guaranteed peak power of 150W across an instantaneous band of 9.6-9.9GHz in a compact 250x250x96mm form factor.

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Link Microtek celebrates 25 year anniversary

25 year anniversary banner

25 years ago to the day Link Microtek opened its doors for business. We know we wouldn’t have reached this major milestone without our fantastic customer base, suppliers, professional service providers and hardworking staff so a sincere thank you to everyone involved on the journey over the last 25 years.

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Link Microtek products used at Nightingale hospitals

Whilst so many people much closer to the sharp end in these troubled times are doing much more we're proud to have helped in a small way. We routinely supply telecoms products like antennas and various components to the MNOs and their sub-contractors and it's good to know that our products are being used to provide the necessary extra coverage at Nightingale hospitals in London, Harrogate & Birmingham. Our thanks go to the NHS and emergency services for putting themselves at risk to help us all.

SignalShark RTSA magazine article

We recently had an article published in CBNW Xplosive magazine discussing the merits of real time spectrum analysis (RTSA) and the important specifications behind radio direction finding (DF). The important message is that not all analysers are equal. Specifications even from well known test equipment manufacturers can give rise to complacency that all is well when in actual fact the displayed average noise level (DANL) is prohibiting finding low level signals or costing miles in terms of detection range. Download the article here.

Miniature coaxial rotary joint offers wideband capability for 5G test applications

Our new miniature single-channel coaxial rotary joint features a wide operating frequency range of DC to 40GHz, making it suitable for a variety of test applications. Specifically, it would be ideal for EMC evaluation of 5G systems as well as performance assessment of antennas for say radar systems at the lower-frequency end and Ka-band satellite communications systems at the higher end. The AMCORJ-WB2 rotary joint is of a sliding-contact design, which provides the inherent advantages of low insertion loss and good VSWR performance over a wide frequency range.

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Miniature dual-loop coupler enables microwave power monitoring in confined spaces

The new AM90CD-LP miniature narrowband dual-loop coupler enables designers to incorporate forward and reverse power monitoring in military or commercial microwave systems that are subject to tight space constraints. With flange dimensions of 41.5 x 41.5mm and a waveguide length of just 33.6mm, the device is an ideal alternative to much larger conventional broadband couplers.

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Dual-channel Ku-band rotary joint ideal for satellite on the move and radar applications

The latest addition to our comprehensive range of microwave rotary joints is the AMCORJD-2KU device, which offers a coaxial dual-channel Ku-band capability that makes it ideal for both satellite-on-the-move and radar applications, either military or commercial. While microwave rotary joints of this type are usually designed with a high-frequency transmit channel and a lower-frequency L-band receive channel, the new device features two channels operating in the Ku band. Minimising crosstalk is therefore a critical consideration, and the rotary joint achieves an impressive 50dB minimum isolation between the channels with typical figures being better than 70dB.

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Ku band feed assembly includes OMT, rotary joint plus Tx & RX filters

Designed and fabricated in house for use in Ku-band mobile satellite-communications antenna systems the assembly incorporates a feed arm, transmit and receive filters, a rotary joint and an orthomode transducer (OMT). In addition to satisfying the tight space constraints imposed by the compact nature of the antenna system, the feed assembly had to achieve strict performance criteria regarding low transmission losses and cross polarisation, as well as high isolation between transmit and receive channels.

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Phase shifters for almost any requirement up to 40GHz

We now supply the comprehensive range of coaxial and waveguide phase shifters manufactured by Narda-ATM. Covering microwave frequency bands all the way up to 40GHz, the phase shifters come in both coaxial and waveguide styles and can be specified with digital counting dial, direct reading dial and servo motor control options. A number of models are specifically designed for use in Ka-band systems. Ideal for adjusting the phases of elements within a phased array antenna system, the devices are primarily aimed at military or commercial radar applications and can also be used for drive feed balancing on high power amplifiers, as well as general test-and-measurement applications.

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Link Microtek at DSEI 2019 Stand S3-435

The main focus for us on the stand at this year’s DSEI exhibition will be the Azdec optical MLC (mobile local communications) system, which offers a totally secure, non-RF, cable-free voice comms solution for a wide variety of defence-related applications. Originally developed using infra-red technology to provide secure bridge communications on board naval vessels, the Azdec system has now been adopted in other military scenarios where radio-frequency transmissions might jeopardise security.

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Radman 2 EMF personal monitor

The Radman 2 LT is is a brand new low-cost personal EMF safety monitor, it offers the accuracy and quality of tried-and-tested technology, together with several new features and well-thought out ergonomics.

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Dual channel rotary joint for ADS International SOTM system

 A dual-channel Ka-band microwave rotary joint designed and produced by Link Microtek is playing a crucial role within a new stabilised antenna platform developed by Italian firm ADS International S.r.l. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for high-end satcom-on-the-move (SOTM) applications.

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Remote real-time spectrum analyser provides powerful and versatile tool for radio-monitoring applications

The recently introduced remote-controlled version of Narda Safety Test Solutions’ SignalShark real-time spectrum analyser provides a powerful and versatile means of carrying out radio monitoring for organisations such as regulatory authorities, mobile phone network operators, police and security services, intelligence agencies and the armed forces.

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New Automatic Direction Finding Antenna (ADFA) from NSTS

Newly available is an automatic direction-finding (DF) antenna that allows the source of unauthorised or interfering transmissions to be located rapidly and accurately, even in urban areas where signal reflections can make this a challenging task.

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L3 Narda-ATM signs Link Microtek

Link Microtek has signed a representation agreement with manufacturer L3 Narda-ATM, which is based in Long Island, New York. Under the terms of the deal, Link Microtek will handle the US firm’s entire range of waveguide and coaxial components in the UK and Ireland.

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Space qualified Ka band rotary joint

Our engineering team has designed and produced a spaceflight-qualified microwave rotary joint and associated waveguide components as part of a Ka-band antenna pointing mechanism (APM) being developed by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, an independent company within Airbus.

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High power 6 Channel SPST digital micro-switch

New from Menlo Micro is a high-power 6-channel SPST micro-mechanical switch that has been designed to deliver more than 3 billion switching cycles at elevated +85degC temperatures for RF, microwave and DC applications in the defence, aerospace, scientific, medical, industrial and telecoms sectors.

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8-channel coaxial rotaty joint for L-band radar system

New to our range of rotary joints is a complex 700mm-long 8-channel coaxial rotating joint for use in an L-band shipborne long-range radar system. Enabling microwave signals to be fed to and from the radar antenna, the rotating joint features six PSR (primary surveillance radar) channels, each with a frequency range around 1400MHz, and two SSR (secondary surveillance radar) channels covering frequencies between 1000 and 1100MHz.

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Narda SignalShark; Vita 49 & SCPI save time

If you need to integrate a device into your system, or just want to operate it by remote control, you have to deal with its interfaces. What could be better than having the same interface and programming language for every device?

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Narda SignalShark; high dynamic range

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has described its ideal receiver in the Spectrum Monitoring Handbook; minimal noise and high intermodulation immunity, expressed as the three parameters Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL), IP2 and IP3.

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Narda SignalShark at EW Europe 2017

We were pleased to support L3 Narda Test Solutions at Electronic Warfare Europe 2017. The event at Olympa in London was the first UK outing for the new Narda SignalShark.

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Menlo Micro

We're pleased to be representing Menlo Micro whose Digital Micro Switch (DMS) platform is a true game changer, a micro sized electromechanical switch with high reliability.

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Rack mount radar signal generator

A 19in. rack-mount radar signal generator system has been designed to simulate a variety of scenarios for the purpose of training military radar operators in object detection and recognition and other aspects of electronic warfare. It is also suitable for testing radar receivers.

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PIM analyser is geared up for DAS installations

CCI’s PiMPro family of portable PIM (passive intermodulation) analysers enable users to cover the five UK licensed mobile-phone bands with only four units, representing a 20% cost saving compared with competitive products.

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MBT appoints Link Microtek as exclusive UK representative

Massachusetts Bay Technologies, the US manufacturer of discrete semiconductor devices, has appointed Link Microtek as its exclusive representative in the UK and Ireland. Founded in 1999, MBT designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of silicon RF/microwave semiconductor devices at its facility in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

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Microwave mixers to 50 GHz from Narda-Miteq

Now available; one of the most extensive mixer product lines on the market. Manufactured by L-3 Narda-MITEQ, the family of mixers comprises more than 400 standard models, offering a wide variety of configurations for operating frequencies from 1GHz all the way up to 50GHz.

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HXI millimtere wave components

We are pleased to announce an important addition to our product portfolio with a comprehensive line-up of millimetre-wave components for both military and commercial applications, following the signing of an exclusive representation agreement with HXI of Harvard, Massachusetts.

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Ferrite Microwave Technologies

Link Microtek has been appointed as the exclusive representative in the UK and Ireland for US firm Ferrite Microwave Technologies, which designs and manufactures high-power microwave components such as circulators, isolators, couplers, phase shifters, filters and terminations.

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