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Narda SignalShark; Vita 49 & SCPI save time

If you need to integrate a device into your system, or just want to operate it by remote control, you have to deal with its interfaces. What could be better than having the same interface and programming language for every device?

Signal shark front view‘International understanding’ has been achieved with SCPI as the language for remote-control and Vita 49 for the output of I/Q data. If you can speak these languages, the world is wide open. The Narda SignalShark is as open as it gets: its real-time bandwidth of 40 MHz is top class for a handheld device, but the ability to stream 20 MHz of this with full 16-bit resolution and compliant with Vita 49 makes it a world champion! Coupled with true receiver performance with minimal intrinsic noise and high intermodulation immunity, this means you won’t waste time chasing after an artefact or an image frequency. Even in difficult signal level conditions, this allows you to externally analyse and demodulate signals. Developing a driver is easy with full support for the SCPI remote control saving valuable integration time. Interested? Why not give the SignalShark Video a closer look? Or just contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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