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EuMW 2021 in 2022

Visit us at the EuMW exhibition 4th-6th April 2022 at Excel, London.

We’re pleased to announce that a number of our principals are joining us for EuMW: we’ll be showcasing a range of Narda-MITEQ passive components, active sub-assemblies & modules, Narda STS instruments, high power ferrites and waveguide products from Microwave Techniques, a live demonstration of the innovative MEMS technology from Menlo Micro and market leading telecoms products from CCI. We’ll also be displaying a selection of GaN, GaAs & SOI devices and solid state power amplifiers.
From our own in-house products we’ll have the latest on our range of multi-channel rotary joints and further demonstrating our manufacturing capability the EMILI3 liquid explosive detection system (LEDS). 

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