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Rack mount radar signal generator

A 19in. rack-mount radar signal generator system has been designed to simulate a variety of scenarios for the purpose of training military radar operators in object detection and recognition and other aspects of electronic warfare. It is also suitable for testing radar receivers.

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Manufactured by Ace Wavetech (AWT), the ARRTS system can generate up to 128 signals simultaneously, replicating real radar signal characteristics such as frequency, phase, pulse, modulation and scan type. It is supplied with RF Signal Parameter Management software, which provides an intuitive and clearly laid out graphical user interface for configuring the signal parameters.

Pulse type can be selected from CW, stable, jitter, stagger, dwell-and-switch and random, with pulse widths ranging from 0.05 to 225µs and repetition intervals from 1µs to 1s. There are eleven different scan types available, including conical, track-while-scan, steady, circular, and lobe switching.

Incorporating a signal data library with up to 1024 entries, the system is capable of generating as many as 17 pulse signals per bank with a minimum power level of 15dBm. Receive bands can be specified in the range 0.5 to 40GHz.

As well as being suitable for virtual missions, the ARRTS unit is able to simulate the activity of search, acquisition and tracking radars and can also create scenarios such as signal level change at scheduled time, antenna pattern measurement, and DF test using amplitude and angle of the antenna.

The radar signal generator is equipped with Ethernet, USB and RS-232 interfaces as standard and can be specified with optional geographic information system (GIS) tools.

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