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Ferrite Microwave Technologies

Link Microtek has been appointed as the exclusive representative in the UK and Ireland for US firm Ferrite Microwave Technologies, which designs and manufactures high-power microwave components such as circulators, isolators, couplers, phase shifters, filters and terminations.

Located in Nashua, New Hampshire, Ferrite has decades of experience producing components and integrated assemblies capable of handling extremely high microwave power levels – in some cases, up to 25 megawatts.

“Obviously this is quite a specialist area,” said Steve Cranstone, Link Microtek’s managing director, “but we do have a number of customers who would definitely be interested in what Ferrite has to offer, especially in the high-energy physics, defence, medical and industrial sectors.”

Covering RF and microwave frequencies up to 40GHz, Ferrite’s high-power components and integrated assemblies range in physical size from a few centimetres to as much as a few metres across. Cranstone again: “We see Ferrite’s expertise as complementary to our own in-house engineering capabilities. In particular, we believe there will be opportunities to incorporate these high-power components within the customised microwave subassemblies that we design and produce.”

Commenting for Ferrite Microwave Technologies, director of sales Stephen M. King said: “We are very keen to expand our business in the UK and Ireland and are delighted to be partnering with Link Microtek in that endeavour. As well as having a proven track record in microwave component sales, the company demonstrates a real depth of engineering experience and detailed market knowledge.”

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