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Narda-MITEQ four-channel downconverter modules save space in radar & DF systems

Our four-channel downconverter modules from Narda-MITEQ feature an integrated local-oscillator distribution network, enabling designers to save space and reduce component count in military radar and direction-finding systems.

The DA4 series modules combine Narda-MITEQ's standard broadband double-balanced mixers with input limiter protection diodes and IF low-noise amplifiers into a single integrated package measuring just 88.4 x 88.4 x 19.1mm, excluding connectors.

Three of the four channels can be used for a monopulse radar receiver and the fourth for spur identification. The modules are also suitable for basic direction-finding applications with four antennas.

The DA4 series consists of three different modules, providing input frequency ranges of 0.5 to 2GHz, 2 to 8GHz and 8 to 18GHz. All have an output IF range of 10 to 250MHz and deliver excellent microwave performance, with a typical conversion gain of 21dB, typical noise figure of 8.5dB and typical output power of 10dBm. Channel-to-channel tracking is specified as +/-5 degrees for phase tracking and +/-0.5dB for amplitude tracking.

Equipped with SMA female connectors for the inputs and outputs, these robustly constructed modules can be used in ambient temperatures ranging from -54 to 85degC.

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