We represent the following companies and distribute their products typically in the UK & Ireland on an exclusive basis.

For some products our distribution is worldwide and we have sales partners in other countries. If you have any doubt who your local sales partner is please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.



Test and measurement solutions, products include; PIM testers, RFID protocol analyser, radar simulators, target generator.

Bocen Microwave

RF & microwave ferrite devices; waveguide and coaxial isolators & circulators, switches. 


CCI products are designed to allow service providers to get the most from their base stations. Products include amplifiers, antennas, filters & combiners, in-building & DAS compoenents & PIM test equipment.

Cordon Electronics Italia

Custom design and build to print active RF & microwave devices; up & down converters, synthesizers, VCOs, microwave transceivers, LNAs, power amplifiers, limiters & switches.


A sensor technology company Emisens produces the EMILI TS liquid explosive detection system for use at security checkpoints. ECAC qualified for airport use. 

Exodus Advanced Communications

A best in class SSPA manufacturer with products from 10 kHz to over 51 GHz using LDMOs, GaN (HEMT) & GaAs devices. Modules up to 1 kW, systems up to 10 kW. Applications include EW, radar, EMC & communications.

Ferrite Microwave Technologies

Specialists in high power passive integrated assemblies and components for protection and measurement from 50 MHz to 45 GHz in coaxial & waveguide configurations; circulators, isolators, terminations, couplers, pressure windows, filters, phase shifters & both air and liquid cooled waveguide components.

Freshfield Microwave Systems

Custom designed microwave solutions. Capable of design and build of LNAs and high power amplifiers including pulsed units for radar systems Freshfield produce complex microwave sub assembles such as synthesizers and radar transceivers.


Millimetre wave products including point to point radio links at 60 GHz (V-band) & 70/80 GHz (E band), radar front ends (FMCW & pulsed) and a range of components; LNAs, power amplifiers, mixers, upconverters, frequency multipliers, switches, detectors, isolators & circulators to 110 GHz.


SAW products; IF & RF filters, delay lines, resonators, RFICs.

L3Harris Antennas

Multi-band, navigation, satcom, EW & ESM antennas; telemetry, mmwave, biconical, blade, circular array, conformal, conical spiral, dipole, discone, helix, horn, linear array, log periodic, loop, microstrip, monopole, planar, polarising, retractable, tilt-base

Menlo Micro

Enabling next generation electronics through advanced material science Menlo offer the world's smallest, fastest & most reliable electromechanical switch.

MEGA Industries

A world leader in high power RF & microwave transmission equipment; high power broadcast FM HDR filters, broadcast RF switches, coaxial transmission line, flexible waveguide, UHV couplers, waveguide circulators, loads, bends, rotary joints.

Microwave Techniques

 High Power ferrite devices & assemblies to 45 GHz. Waveguide isolators & circulators, phase shifters, couplers, terminations, filters, pressure windows, arc detectors. Industrial microwave systems: 100 kW to 1MW for plasma, drying/heating & food processing applications.


Massachusetts Bay Technologies specializes in the manufacture of discrete silicon RF/microwave semiconductor devices; varactors, multiplier & step recovery diodes, PIN diodes, limiter diodes, beam lead PIN diodes, schottky diodes, phase detectors, point contact diodes, MIS chip capacitors, MIC mounting capacitors, binary chip capacitors, spiral inductors, thin film resistor chips & thin film attenuator pads.


Precision frequency and spectrum control solutions: RF, microwave, and mmwave filters; cavity, crystal, ceramic, lumped element (LC) and switched filters; high performance and high frequency OCXOs, integrated PLL OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, low jitter and harsh environment oscillators and clocks; crystal resonators, Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMA). 

Narda ATM

Narda-ATM is a precision microwave component engineering and manufacturing company providing a wide range of RF and Microwave [to 60 GHz] components [both waveguide and coaxial], assemblies and custom products.

Narda Miteq

Narda-Miteq has been serving the RF/microwave market for over 50 years with a vast range of high specification passive & active components; couplers, power dividers, attenuators, terminations, phase shifters, detectors, electro-mechanical & PIN diode switches, limiters, amplifiers, oscillators, mixers, modulators, multipliers etc. Also specialising in satellite communications products; frequency coverters & translators, amplifiers, equalizers, uplink power control units etc.

Narda Safety Test Solutions

NSTS is the global leader in the development and production of measurement and monitoring safety instruments for electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF); EMF survey systems, ELF survey systems, frequency selective safety analyser, personal monitors, area monitors, field calculation software.

Peregrine Semiconductor

A leading fabless provider of RFICs. Utilises a patented silicon on insulator (SOI) UltraCMOS®process; RF switches, digital step attenuators, PLL frequency synthesizers, mixers, prescalers, power limiters, digitally tunable capacitors & DC - DC Converters.


RF & microwave relay switches surface mount & coaxial up to 26.5 GHz.


The Spectrum Compact is an ultra-light and easy to use measurement solution for the 2 - 40 GHz licensed microwave frequency bands. Ideal for use during equipment installation, link troubleshooting and site planning.


TWTs (inc. space qualified), MPMs, Magnetrons, Klystrons, IOTs, CEAs, Thyratrons, power supplies, industrial CW magnetrons, electronic power conditioners

Sunsight Instruments

Sunsight develop and manufacture antenna alignment tools (AATs) and antenna monitoring systems aimed primarily at the telecommunications industry.


Dielectric ceramic filters; cellular - BTS & handset, GPS, WLL, WLAN, dielectric resonators, filters to 22GHz.

United Monolithic Semiconductor

MMIC & RFIC Components & Foundry Services; Switches, Attenuators, Phase Shifters, Dividers, VCO’s, Modulators, Detectors, Mixers, Multipliers - active & passive, Power Amplifiers, Driver Amplifiers, LNA’s, Military / Hi Rel components, space Qualified components.


GaN power transistors, matched & unmatched MMICs, bare die, RF generators.


RF & microwave attenuators; variable, step & fixed attenuators, chip & SMD hybrids & couplers, temperature compensation attenuator.

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