Narda FieldMan A/D converter

Often when manufacturers introduce new equipment it renders older equipment obsolete. Not so with the transition from the Narda NBM series to the Narda FieldMan.

An A/D converter enables the use of NBM series probes with the new FieldMan meter. The main advantage of the FieldMan is that it doesn’t require calibration so if one probe is away for calibration you can still use the meter with another probe. There are various other features like sensors to record temperature (useful info for the uncertainty budget), humidity etc. plus the optional WiFi/Bluetooth interface for remote operation via an app or built in GPS & rangefinder. It’s also worth noting it’s a common platform for measurements from DC to 90 GHz.  

Special offers with big savings on both the converter & Fieldman/converter bundle are available until the end of 2023. Just contact us for details.  

To download the datasheet for the FieldMan click here.