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EMF safety measurement training 24th April 2018

We're lucky enough to have first hand knowledge of a wide range of EMF safety measurement scenarios - quite simply it's the day job and we've been doing it for many years. It means our measurement training covers not just the theory behind EMF safety measurement equipment but also real world measurement examples and how they fit in with the latest legislation; The Control of Electromagnetic Field at Work Regulations 2016. The next course has been scheduled for Tuesday 24th April at our Basingstoke site, places cost just £125. Contact us to book or ask for any further details.

EMF safety assessment webinar

We're pleased to have been invited by IOSH to present another EMF safey webinar. The last was an overview of the EMF Directive & the CEMFAW Regulations.

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CEMFAW Webinar

Anyone interested in a quick overview on the Control of Electromagentic Fields Regulations 2016 / EMF Directive 2013/35/EU can view a recording of the recent IOSH webinar by clicking here.

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CEMFAW Regulations 2016 webinar

On behalf of IOSH (Institute of Safety & Health) we recently presented a webinar on the Control of EMF at Work (CEMFAW)Regulations 2016.

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CEMFAW; exemptions or derogations?

OK, first up, exemptions and derogations are the same thing. EMF Directive 2013/35/EU just uses the term derogations whilst in the UK, HSE in the CEMFAW regulations have decided to use the term exemptions.

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EMF Area Monitors

The use of EMF safety area monitors makes sense in many environmental applications e.g. if a community has concerns about ambient fields and wants to monitor levels over a long period of time then area monitors are a useful tool.

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EMF safety measurement equipment

Alas the murky world of EMF safety measurement equipment isn’t straightforward and we're seeing equipment coming to the market that is less than adequate.

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