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Trade-in special offer

Until 31st March 2016 we are offering 20% discount on any Narda Safety Test Solutions NBM series meters and probes against a trade-in of any comparable EMF safety measurement equipment e.g. Narda 8600, 8700 or EMR series, PMM 8053, Raham. Use the contact form or call 01256 355771 so we can arrange a quotation.

EMF directive 2013/35/EU comes into force on July 1st, it requires employers to perform an EMF risk assessment. Whilst risk assessments can be performed by performing calculations or gathering information from equipment manufacturers or trade associations etc., sometimes it will be easier to make field strength measurements. With the latest equipment measurements are simple and can easily be undertaken in-house.

The NBM range includes two meters; the NBM-550 which has the capability to perform data logging, include GPS data etc. and the very easy to use and compact NBM-520. A measurement probe is required for the frequency range of interest. For low frequency applications (up to 100 MHz) the NIM 511 & 513 provide electric and magnetic field capability with a single probe for applications like heat sealers/vinyl welders, semiconductor processing, plasma generation etc.

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