Survey Equipment

EMF measurement or survey equipment usually consists of a meter and probe(s) used to provide relatively accurate quantitative measurements.

There are two main equipment types; broadband or frequency selective/narrowband. The Narda NBM series of meters and probes is broadband equipment and is typically used for relatively simple safety assessments, it provides an overall field strength with no indication of frequency. In contrast the Narda SRM provides frequency information and is capable of providing sophisticated analysis of CW or modulated signals.

Choosing the right measurement equipment is not always straightforward but first consider what frequency range is required, then if you need to cover both E (Electric) & H (Magnetic) fields (as a rule of thumb E field is the norm at higher frequencies with magnetic field having greater influence at static and low frequencies). Last but not least make sure the field strength measurement range is adequate for what you want i.e. it covers all the way up to 100% (and hopefully more) of the permissible exposure level e.g. EMF Directive 2013/35/EU Action Levels. See the FAQ page or contact us for further information.


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