Measurement Services

An EMF (electromagnetic fields) safety survey may be required for a number of reasons. We perform tower,  rooftop or industrial surveys.

We have an experienced climber as part of the team so perform surveys on structures looking at issues with broadcast or telecoms antennas for site owners & operators. Alternatively we perform measurements for clients such as local or national authorities where general public exposure is the concern and we are well versed in risk communication, explaining technical issues in easy to understand terms.

We also have significant experience in relatively complicated industrial assessments, typically low frequency magnetic field e.g. resistance welding, non-destructive testing (NDT) & induction heating as well as RF heating & drying etc. 

DSCN2763 smallUsually equipment that generates EMF, either intentionally or as a bi-product, has been installed in an area that people, either employees or the general public, can access. Despite media interest mobile telephones and base stations are far from being the only source of EMF energy in the workplace, many industries use various pieces of equipment that generate high EMF. If there is any concern over risk of exposure the next step is to ascertain if an assessment can be performed either by obtaining information from the equipment manufacturer, via calculation or if measurements are required.

With answers to a few simple questions we can advise if a measurement survey is a sensible course of action. Questions such as how much power is available from the system, exposure duration, frequency of operation and how close can people get to the source give a quick guide to the level of hazard.

Making sense of EMF safety regulations & guidelines

Whether seeking compliance with ICNIRP public reference levels or CEMFAW Action Levels it is easy for the uninitiated to become bogged down in relatively technical documents. We pride ourselves in explaining technical issues in simple terms.

Using the right equipment

It is in an interesting anomaly that we have exposure levels e.g. ICNIRP reference levels yet there is often little thought given to the measurement equipment that is used to assess compliance. As a result measurements are often performed with entirely inappropriate equipment at best giving rise to large measurement uncertainty, at worst completely unknown measurement errors. We have the equipment and expertise to provide the right answers ensuring you don't spend time and money solving phantom problems.

What you get from us

We have unrivalled access to the latest EMF safety equipment and have vast experience in its use. We have experience in all main EMF survey scenarios, from military radar to induction heating to telecommunication systems. We're able to perform measurements at height on telecoms and broadcast structures or in factory workshops.

We compare our results with ICNIRP or CEMFAW levels and make recommendations accordingly.

We also offer advice and information on producing EMF safety policies and providing various EMF safety training courses.

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