With our unparalleled experience of Narda EMF safety equipment we are able to provide a range of EMF safety training courses; we provide courses covering EMF safety awareness (half-day), EMF safety measurements (one day) & EMF safety assessments (two days). We also work for various clients providing bespoke EMF safety training, just contact us for further details.


Details on our EMF safety awareness course 


Details on our EMF safety measurement course 


Details on our EMF safety assessment course


Who should attend?

Our EMF safety awareness course is for workers in the telecommunication, broadcast, defence, medical, scientific or industrial sectors and fulfils the EMF Directive / CEMFAW Regulation requirement for EMF worker training. The measurement course is typically aimed at staff who have already had some EMF safety training or have some technical experience whereas the full assessment course covers the EMF Directive / CEMFAW Regulations, the process of performing an EMF safety risk assessment plus practical measurement content. The assessment course is ideal for occupational hygienists or health and safety professionals who have significant EMF safety responsibilities.


Training can be held at virtually any location equipped with basic presentation aids. Courses for up to 16 people can be held in-house at Link Microtek.


The length of each course depends on the required content but a typical EMF safety awareness course is around half a day and a measurement course is one day. More detailed assessment training is over two days and can include site visits where required. 

What will be covered?

Course content is application specific but typical topics include:

  • Basic principles of electromagnetic fields
  • Biological effects
  • EMF Directive 2013/35/EU & CEMFAW Regulations 2016
  • Typical hazards
  • Measurement and monitoring equipment
  • Measurement techniques & reports

Computer Based Training

Because EMF safety is a niche area we offer a free EMF safety awareness tutorial to help those new to the subject gain some background knowledge and understand how personal monitors can be used as part of an EMF safety programme. Our EMF Safety Awareness Tutorial is free – you just need to fill in your details and we will email you the link.

EMF Safety Awareness Tutorial - Registration


"Staff were committed to helping us"

All the relevant information was conveyed in an easily digestible manner by friendly and knowledgeable tutors.

Safety consultancy - UK

"Would recommend this training to others"

Great training. Useful and applicable information with clear presentation.

Broadcast company - UK

"Great course"

Great course. I feel much more confident with the subject matter

Government organisation - Ireland


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