Micro Electromechanical Switch (MEMS) Provides Performance Advantage

Micro Electromechanical Switch (MEMS) provides performance advantage

A designer of a prototype radio for a defence electronic warfare (EW) project needed to find a surface mount switch with high power handling capability and very low insertion loss over a very wide frequency range. Looking at conventional MMIC solutions he was having to make some unwanted compromises.

A Link Microtek applications engineer then suggested the revolutionary MEMS based MM5120 DC to 12 GHz SP4T from Menlo Micro. It has 25W CW (150W pulsed) maximum power handling and critically for this application on-state insertion loss of only 0.35dB at 6 GHz. An IP3 figure of over 85dBm adds to these impressive figures for a device that comes in a 4mm x 4mm 28 lead LGA package. With an integrated analogue gate driver the user can chose to provide the high voltage gate signal either internally or externally.

The MM5120 is an ideal solution for replacing large electromechanical switches, as well as RF/microwave solid-state switches, where linearity and insertion loss are critical parameters. The process behind the Menlo Micro switches gets round the mechanical performance limitations of typical MEMS devices and Menlo Micro guarantee 3 billion switching cycles at elevated temperatures (+85˚C).

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