4G & 5G interference hunting with a real time spectrum analyser

The term real time spectrum analyser (RTSA) is commonly used but what does it really mean? Understanding the differences between traditional analogue spectrum analysers and real time devices is a great way of getting to the advantages of using a RTSA for interference hunting.

The speed and precision offered means that previously hidden interference signals affecting 4G & 5G time division duplex (TDD) networks can be quickly identified i.e. signals hidden under other signals are easily identifiable.

The following image and description is taken from the app note.

Resolved down to 31.25 μs, the SignalShark now starts to split the LTE signal into its component parts. That which was compressed into one line in figure 7 is now spread out across the entire screen. You can see the frame structure of the signal, and are able to see signals under signals by looking through the signalling grid at periods where no information is being transmitted.

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