5G code selective measurement

To date measuring telecoms signals has been fairly straightforward but 5G & beam forming has changed that. Spot measurements i.e. recording field strength at a given location and time period are still easy enough but if you want to extrapolate to a worst case field strength then your measurement instrument needs to be able to cope with very wide instantaneous bandwidths or be able to decode the 5G signal in such a way that makes extrapolation possible.

To this end 5G code selective measurement software has been launched for the SRM-3006, the instrument of choice for EMF safety frequency selective measurements. It enables measurement of the primary or secondary synchronisation signal (SSS or PSS) of the 5G downlink signal (physical broadcast channel (PBCH)). With this information it’s then possible to apply correction factors to provide a worst case result. Click here for a full description of the software or just contact us for further information and pricing.

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