5G FR2 EMF measurements

As you may know, 5G services in the UK currently sit between 700 MHz and 3.6 GHz. There are future plans to utilise spectrum in the 26 GHz band for additional 5G capacity. These frequency ranges have been dubbed FR1 and FR2 respectively.

For a long time, the Narda SRM-3006, with its 6 GHz probe, has been the ideal tool for carrying out EMF safety measurements in FR1. Its spectrum analyser display, or ‘safety evaluation’ table clearly show which frequencies (and hence operators) are contributing to total field strengths in any measurement situation. 

Last year Narda launched two probes for the SRM-3006 designed for measurement in FR2. We have recently been trialling these but sadly, as far as we know, there are currently no 5G FR2 transmissions in the UK. If you have any 5G to measure between 24.25 and 29.5 GHz, we would be happy to oblige. (Incidentally, the probes are not 5G-specific, they can be used to measure anything within this frequency range.)

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