DSEi 2021 Infrared comms

We’re pleased to announce that we are exhibiting at DSEi 2021, stand H2-508. Our main focus is our unique Azdec infrared voice communication system that provides local mobile communications in areas such as operation rooms, secure training facilities, machinery spaces, ships’ bridges and bridge wings. The system has no detectable RF emissions satisfying TEMPEST or EMCON conditions and is immune to electrical noise thus providing clear audio in demanding environments. Our Azdec systems are 100% designed and manufactured in the UK.

Also on display will be the SignalShark radio monitoring and direction finding (DF) system manufactured by Narda Safety Test Solutions. The SignalShark family includes handheld and remote units providing fixed, vehicle mounted or man portable solutions and coupled with the automatic detection finding antenna (ADFA) the system is capable of automatically providing signal bearings and a local ‘heatmap’ for the source of unwanted emissions. Superior RF performance means that low level field strengths are captured from further away and fast intermittent signals can be captured and identified even when masked by other signals operating at the same frequency.  

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