Exodus 18-40 GHz SSPAs for TWT replacements

Exodus Advanced Communications has just launched two solid state HPAs covering the frequency range 18 to 40 GHz providing superb performance compared to TWTs. The AMP4037DB-1LC are class A/AB linear amplifiers designed for communications, EMI/RFI, lab, CW and pulsed applications. They offer power output of 10W minimum (P1dB 8W typical), minimum gain of 40 dB, -20dBc harmonics as well as gain control with a <10dB noise figure.

These high efficiency solid state power amplifiers can be supplied with an integrated digital monitor and controller (DMC) allowing for a load VSWR protection of 4:1max. Exodus high power SSPAs offers outstanding performance in terms of gain, gain flatness, and wide operating frequency ranges. These high power solid state amplifiers are unconditionally stable and include built-in protection and clamping circuitry, with extensive monitoring and not to mention local LCD & remote flexible interfaces.

This 50 Ohm high power advanced technology device is integrated with closed circuit air-liquid cooling and is ideal for field use particularly military secure communications, radar and T&M. An input signal level as low as 0dBm is sufficient to drive the unit. Exodus also offers special options with FRS, RRS and GPIB remote control including the option to have safety interlock and calibrated power monitoring (with the option of DMC purchase).

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