Exodus X-band outdoor pulsed amplifier AMP5055P-SSC

US based solid state amplifier manufacturer Exodus have just released a new ruggedised high reliability outdoor pulsed amplifier capable of delivering a guaranteed peak power of 150W across an instantaneous band of 9.6-9.9GHz in a compact 250x250x96mm form factor.

Exodus X band pulsed amplifierThe unit is ideal for use in a multitude of applications particularly Mil/secure communication, radar and T&M, the unit uses Class AB GaN architecture to achieve better than 35% efficiency with signal characteristic of 5 to 50uS pulse width, duty of 20% max and PRF of up to 4kHz. Modulation is implemented through gating circuitry to allow for crisp sharp response. With addition of built in protection and clamping circuitry the unit allows for a no damage input limit of +8dBm applied for <10 Sec. With a minimum gain of 52dB there is no need for a high power driver stage as a signal level as low as 0 dBm can operate the unit at the optimum power level. AMP5055P-SSC is ideal for standalone as well as array systems and if required can be customised for specific applications.

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