Metrolab THM1176 3 axis Hall magnetometer

We’re pleased to announce we have just signed a distribution agreement with Metrolab, the Geneva based market leader for precision magnetometers.

The Metrolab THM1176 3 axis Hall magnetometer has long been a preferred solution for laboratory and industrial magnetic field measurement solutions. The latest version is a USB device with the complete instrument reduced to a probe and cable that can be plugged directly into a computer or tablet. Capable of measuring fields from µT to 14 T from DC to 1 kHz the THM1176 family is the most versatile and compact magnetometer solution available.

Metrolab THM1176

The range includes a high sensitivity low noise fluxgate magnetometer for measuring nT fields, the tiny 0.5x2x42mm probe version for measuring fields in sub-millimetre gaps and models designed for low fringe field assessments and high field (up to 20T) superconducting magnet measurements.   

All models use the Metrolab EZMag3D software, available for Windows, Mac & Linux.

Metrolab’s other products include NMR magnetometers including the MFC2046 magnetic field camera designed for field mapping MRI magnets, reference permanent magnets and a voltage integrator for measuring fast, low level magnetic field disturbances such as eddy currents in a switched magnet.

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