MtronPTI XO9095 OXCO: high frequency, low phase-noise & low g-sensitivity

MtronPTI has recently introduced the XO9095 series: an oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) integrated with low noise multipliers, filters for superior spectral purity and low noise discrete amplifiers to generate a high frequency, low phase noise sine wave output. Standard frequencies are 1GHz and 1.28GHz with various custom output frequencies available ranging from 200MHz to 6GHz.

The use of in-house manufactured precision SC-cut crystal drives the tight stability, low g-sensitivity performance of 0.5ppb/g and low close-in phase noise performance of -76dBc/Hz at 10Hz offset.

The devices have excellent temperature stability of +/-100ppb (-54°C to +71°C) with 20 year aging of +/-2ppm and is engineered into a standard one-inch square package making it a compact high frequency OCXO.

The operating temperature ranges between -40 to +85°C. The device power consumption is a maximum of 2 watts at steady state condition at typical operating voltage of 5Vd. The device is an ideal frequency reference source for use in wide range of applications including Radar, Electronic Warfare, Satcom and Test Equipment applications.

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