Narda SignalShark family provides a complete DF solution

If you need a flexible approach to radio monitoring and direction finding (DF) it’s hard to beat the Narda SignalShark. Couple the SignalShark with the ADFA auto DF antenna and you have the capability to quickly mount the antenna on virtually any vehicle and quickly identify the source location of an interfering or unwanted signal.

The DF & location algorithm provides a heat map display and with the target location linked to a navigation app you are literally steered to the area of interest. Also unlike other systems elevation is taken into account. Couple that with class leading RF performance you’re able to identify lower level/more distant signals.
Then if the source isn’t immediately identifiable and you need to go to a handheld solution it’s simply a matter of connecting the SignalShark base unit to a directional antenna and investigating on foot.
Couple that with the SignalShark remote outdoor unit and you have a complete and highly flexible DF/monitoring solution. Just contact us for further details

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