Narda SRM-3006 5G FR2 probes

As we’ve said before 5G measurements can be as easy or as complicated as you care to make them. The easiest way is with broadband probes but these don’t provide frequency information. So if you do want more detail the SRM-3006 range now includes probes covering 24.25 to 29.5 GHz for 5G FR2 measurements.

It’s very difficult to produce a frequency selective isotopic probe that is able to measure low field strengths. To cope with the challenge Narda STS have designed two probes, one is omnidirectional i.e. not isotropic but instead has a ‘doughnut’ shaped reception characteristic, the other is a directional high gain antenna for assessment of very low field strengths e.g. indoor measurements.

Both probes can be used with existing SRM-3006 units and are available now. To see the probes in action click here and for the data sheet click here. Just contact us if you need any further information.

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