New DC to 26 GHz high reliability switch: Menlo Micro MEMS MM5130

The MM5130 is the new DC to 26 GHz SP4T micro electromechanical switch (MEMS) from Menlo Micro. Building on their GE heritage Menlo have  combined their extensive knowledge of material science with the latest generation of Through-Glass-Via (TGV) technology to produce a high performance electromechanical switch in a miniature 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm WLCSP package.  

Based on the Menlo Ideal Switch platform the MM5130 offers low insertion loss (0.4 dB at 6 GHz / 2.5 dB at 26 GHz), high power handling capability (25W CW / 150W pulsed) and good linearity (IP3 >95 dB) the device is ideal for high power RF front ends, antenna tuning, switched filter banks and other communications infrastructure applications.

Like other Menlo switches it offers the power handling and RF performance of an electromechanical relay but with the size, weight, reliability and speed of a solid state device. Reliability is such that the device is specified for over 3 billion switching operations so as well as wireless infrastructure the device is well suited for Mil/aerospace, medical and industrial high reliability applications.  

Just contact us for further information, samples and evaluation kits.

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