Radman 2XT variable alarm threshold

The Radman, the original E&H field personal monitor, got a lot of updates and improvements when the Radman 2 was launched. Now the Radman 2 is even more versatile with a brand new model with variable alarm threshold settings.

For most it’s easiest to go with units with a fixed first alarm at 50% of ICNIRP or CEMFAW/EMF Directive levels but every once in while it’s nice to be able to change the alarm threshold. It could be that your staff are well trained and you want to get rid of as many lower level alarms as possible and you’re happy setting the first alarm at 90%. Or conversely you may have a well controlled environment and you know under normal conditions the field strength is low and you want to capture even a small increase by reducing the alarm threshold.

Designed and manufactured in Germany by Narda Safety Test Solutions, the world leader in EMF safety products, the Radman 2 gives you the confidence to work in challenging EMF environments. Just contact us for further information on the latest Radman 2 models.

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