RF personal monitor false alarms

Obviously a RF personal monitor is a safety device so you want it to warn the user when field strengths are starting to become significant but the other side of the coin is that you don’t want false alarms causing costly work stoppages. Unfortunately not all units are equal in this and many other respects.

Narda Safety Test Solutions, the world leader in EMF safety instrumentation, use their many years of experience to design monitors to minimise false alarms, using coatings and shielding material to minimise false alarms from E-field reflections, static or low frequency fields. Recent field trials showed the Radman2 was successful in providing fewer false alarms.

Designed and manufactured in Germany with a built in sensor test the Radman2 is the high quality personal monitor that you can trust in the field.

Radman2 LT & XT units are recognised for use or indeed used by all the major telecoms network operators and we normally have units in stock for quick delivery.

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