SignalShark 3300 outdoor unit for spectrum monitoring & auto DF

The Narda SignalShark real time spectrum analyser (RTSA) is now available as an outdoor unit, ideal for spectrum monitoring and if direction finding is required the SignalShark 3300 unit can be coupled with the Automatic Direction Finding Antenna (ADFA) to automatically provide signal bearings or units can be configured as part of a TDOA (Time Difference Of Arrival) system.

SignalShark 3300 outdoor unit

Quick and easy to install with either a single PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection or a solar panel/DC power supply and LTE modem units can be configured as a fixed installation or used on a semi-static basis. Fixed units can be used in conjunction with mobile units quickly providing a heat map that clearly identifies the location of the signal source, ideal for locating unknown or unwanted emitters and sources of interference.  

The key to detecting low level or far away signals is excellent RF performance. SignalShark receivers combine high sensitivity with a wide intermodulation free dynamic range, thus can detect low level signals even in the presence of very strong signals. It can be confusing when comparing receiver specifications but an intrinsic noise or displayed average noise level (DANL) of <-160 dB (mW/Hz) means that SignalShark receivers will detect signals that other systems miss. 

A variety of views are available; spectrum (scanned or real time), spectrogram (waterfall), peak table, persistence (for signal under signal detection), channel level meter, map, bearing and VITA 49 IQ and FFT streaming.

SisnalShark screen shot

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