SignalShark 3330 outdoor unit

We’ve just done some work with the Narda SignalShark 3330 outdoor unit, a user-friendly solution for spectrum monitoring in permanent or semi-permanent locations. It’s a powerful real time analyser designed specifically for signal detection and analysis. When direction finding is required it’s easy to combine the unit with an Automatic Direct Finding Antenna (ADFA).

SignalShark 3330

Physically setting up and connecting with the outdoor unit is literally a 5-10 minute task, it’s a Power over Ethernet (PoE) unit so connection is via a single cable, the SignalShark Finder software automatically identifies units on a given network and allows easy connection via remote desktop. Units can be stand-alone or used as part of a network. The Windows 10 based open platform supports third party applications providing specific signal analysis, classification and decoding options, the streamed I/Q data enables post processing. 

The 3330 outdoor unit is part of the SignalShark product family which also includes hand-held and vehicle mounted solutions. Class leading RF performance means smaller signals can be captured and identified from further away. Click here for the product datasheet otherwise just contact us for further details.

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