UMS CHA7618-99F 10W 5.5 to 18 GHz High Power Amplifier

United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) has successfully launched the three-stage high power amplifier (HPA) CHA7618-99F operating over the frequency range of 5.5GHz to 18.0GHz. This HPA provides a small signal gain of more than 30dB providing 10W of output power associated with 20% of power-added efficiency (PAE).

The device is manufactured using a GaN HEMT process on a robust 0.15μm gate length. The CHA7618-99F is available as a bare die and is available in the chip size of 5.80×3.48×0.07mm. The device utilises an overall power supply of 18V/0.530A quiescent current and is suitable for high performance systems.

The amplifier circuit operates at 40dBm Pout for 20dBm input power in CW mode with the ID associated current < 3A. The operating temperature range is between -40 to +85°C. The device is versatile, ideal for use in wide range of applications particularly defence: EW, jammer, radar plus test instrumentation and microwave comms systems.

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