Optical Comms Overview

This system allows operators to be fully mobile whilst communicating, with full duplex voice,
with each other and/or a central communication system without the use of radio.



Link Microtek purchased Azdec Ltd in 2009 and continues to use Azdec as a brand name.


The Azdec system is a short range digitally encoded infra-red communication system.


IR Comms equipment is used in secure training environments, for air traffic control and aboard naval vessels.


Around the core technology of the system we have a number of different options that can be employed.

Infra-red technology to provide totally secure short-range voice communication systems.

Our infra-red transmissions are practically impossible to detect so Azdec systems are used where security is a primary concern or where radio signals may adversely affect sensitive electronic systems or flammable atmospheres.

Optical Comms Latest News

We have products ranging from space qualified components to slip ring
assemblies to high power amplifiers used in counter-IED systems.


Optical Comms FAQs

Azdec is a unique system and often clients are keen to get more information about the equipment and technology utilised to secure their communications. Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

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Why use IR rather than radio?

Radio signals may cause interference, are easily detected and intercepted or may cause problems with munitions or flammable atmospheres.

Why is the Azdec system short range?

To make sure there is no ocular hazard we operate at low power levels.

Why is there a battery pack separate from the headset?

To provide 8 hours of typical use we need a battery of this size. We have a cordless headset with an integrated battery but time between charges is reduced.

Why are controls on the battery pack large?

Our systems are routinely used on naval vessels where the equipment is required to be used by operators wearing anti-flash gloves.

Why are the headsets relatively large?

Lightweight domestic headsets are not robust enough and do not provide adequate performance for professional use.

Can the system be used for data transfer?

We can very easily transmit data including streaming compressed video but the data rate is limited by the switching speed of the infra-red diodes to 0.5 Mbits/sec.

What naval vessels use the Azdec system?

The system is used by the UK RN on Type 23, Type 45 and RFA ships as well as IPVs & OPVs from around the world.

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