Air Traffic Control

Our lightweight headset designed specifically for ATC applications provides complete mobility whilst maintaining two way multi-channel voice communications.

The headset whilst retaining the infra-red transceiver is light and comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Employing digitally encoded infra-red the headset provides exceptional quality audio and allows split headset operation where the controller can communicate selectively with aircraft, telephone calls or other controllers.

The system supports multiple users in either a control centre or control tower. In the control centre environment the system can be configured to provide a communications cell associated with each desk, while in a control tower multiple channels allow the free movement of many controllers throughout the area.

The enhanced option allows for selective communications between a mobile user and either internal or external radio communications while receiving independent communications in each ear. This enhanced option also allows for broadcast communication to be received and local two way communications to be used independently, with the two communications channels in different ears.

The Azdec system can be used in the most sensitive locations with confidence that the infra -red signal is not susceptible to radio interference and will not cause interference nor will the signal be detected outside of the area of coverage. There are no licence requirements.

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