The Azdec system can be installed throughout a ship or submarine avoiding the EMC issues associated with radio systems.

Typical applications include use on a ship’s bridge, operations room, RAS deck, engineering and machinery spaces. The outdoor variant of the system is perfectly suited for bridge wing or helideck applications.

Because there is no risk of inadvertent interaction with detection systems or explosive devices the system can be safely employed on minesweepers or submarine torpedo rooms.

Operators have complete freedom of movement and can speak to each other or link into the ship's main communications system via a central base station. The system provides exceptionally clear audio as it is completely immune to electromagnetic interference - even severe energy pulses. It is not only secure but provides no conventional means of detection and is impossible to jam by any practical method.

There are no radio-frequency emissions from the system so it will meet TEMPEST requirements and will not cause interference with radio, radar or other electronic equipment. The system can be operated under radio silence or EMCON conditions and can be operated in areas on board ship where even relatively low power radio systems would cause interference or risk of explosion around munitions or fuel.

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