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New antenna tester simplifies maintenance

Our new antenna tester simplifies and speeds up checks carried out by maintenance personnel. Correct operation of Azdec infrared antennas can now be quickly and easily verified by means of the new hand-held tester.

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Secure infra-red comms system gets new battle-helmet headset with active noise reduction

New to our range of headset options is a battle-helmet headset that offers active noise reduction. Designed to ensure that clear audio communication is maintained in even the noisiest of environments, the new headset is particularly suitable for naval ‘force protection’ personnel stationed on a ship’s bridge wings and can also be used wherever an Azdec system is deployed on land.

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Compact battery pack

Expanding our range of accessories is a new compact battery pack that is significantly smaller and lighter than the standard unit yet delivers the same battery life.

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Peer-to-peer (P2P)

Our secure infra-red communications system now has peer-to-peer capability. P2P headsets allow two mobile operators to speak directly to each other in areas where there is no fixed antenna IR coverage.

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