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Compact battery pack

Expanding our range of accessories is a new compact battery pack that is significantly smaller and lighter than the standard unit yet delivers the same battery life.

Typically deployed in naval or commercial maritime applications, the Azdec system provides totally secure, interference-free, short-range communications while allowing operators to roam away from their base positions, unhindered by any trailing wires. There are no RF emissions and the infra-red signals cannot be intercepted by any conventional method, so it is impossible for anyone to jam the transmissions or eavesdrop on what is being said.

Whereas the standard battery pack features large control knobs for users who may need to wear anti-flash gloves, the new compact version will find favour wherever there is no such requirement – especially in confined spaces or when operators are particularly mobile. It is ideal for use in conjunction with the Azdec marine safety helmet or peer-to-peer headset. The compact battery pack provides up to 8 hours’ usage from a single charge and is compatible with any Azdec charger. After 500 recharge cycles, it can be returned to the factory for complete refurbishment, including replacement of cells, any necessary repairs and comprehensive testing.

Designed for belt mounting, this robustly constructed unit incorporates an on/off switch, a channel selector, a push-to-speak button, a volume control and a socket for a right-angled headset connector. The battery pack measures 13.0 x 9.0 x 3.5cm and weighs just 0.3kg.

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