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Marine safety helmet offers secure infra-red comms capability

Based on a Gecko open-face helmet, this new product utilises Azdec infra-red technology to provide totally secure, interference-free, short-range communications for a variety of naval or commercial maritime applications.

The Azdec system frees operators to roam away from their base positions, unhindered by any trailing wires. There are no RF emissions and the infra-red signals cannot be intercepted by any conventional method, so it is impossible for anyone to jam the transmissions or eavesdrop on what is being said.

The new helmet can either be incorporated in a standard Azdec installation, which would cover a fixed area using a base station and multiple antennas, or configured as a peer-to-peer set without any additional equipment, enabling two users to talk directly to each other.

Supplied with a standard Azdec battery pack providing up to 8 hours’ operating time, the waterproof safety helmet features a face visor, acoustic protection, a noise-cancelling microphone, double- or single-sided headphones, and a clip-on waterproof push-to-talk button for ease of operation.

Like all the elements of an Azdec system, the helmet employs only low-level infra-red digital encoding technology and carries a Class 1 product designation as defined by the EN 60825-1 standard, which means that it presents no ocular or other health hazard to users. In addition, it is completely immune to radio, radar and electrical noise and has no effect on sensitive electronic equipment, flammable atmospheres or munitions.

The Azdec marine safety helmet is suitable for use on RHIBs, flight decks, vehicle decks, RAS areas or in any internal or external area where mobility and safety are paramount.

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