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Peer-to-peer (P2P)

Our secure infra-red communications system now has peer-to-peer capability. P2P headsets allow two mobile operators to speak directly to each other in areas where there is no fixed antenna IR coverage.

A standard installation includes a base station and multiple antennas to cover a fixed area, and the P2P option is designed to augment this setup, enabling line-of-sight communication between personnel working beyond the range of the antennas in locations such as engine rooms or machinery spaces.

As the P2P headsets employ only low-level infra-red digital encoding technology, they are completely immune to radio, radar and electrical noise and have no effect on sensitive electronic equipment, flammable atmospheres or munitions. In addition, they carry a Class 1 product designation as defined by the EN 60825-1 standard, which means that they present no ocular or other health hazard to users.

To establish the P2P link, the first mobile operator simply latches the PTT button on the control pad and starts speaking. On hearing the transmission, the second operator presses PTT and latches the channel open between the two users. No further operations are needed until the conversation is complete and either user presses PTT again. When the mobile operators return to an area covered by an Azdec antenna, the headsets automatically revert to standard configuration with full system functionality.

Peer-to-peer headsets are available in standard and high noise attenuating versions and can be specified with either lightweight or standard battery packs.

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