System Overview

The Azdec system is a short range digitally encoded infra-red communication system primarily for secure and interference free voice communication although data can also be transferred.

The system allows operators to be fully mobile whilst communicating, with full duplex voice, with each other and/or a central communication system without the use of radio. Single channel, enhanced or multi-channel systems provide coverage from small selective areas such as a ship’s bridge or operations room to complete buildings, ships, vehicles and aircraft. The system allows complete freedom of movement and exceptionally clear digital communication. The low powered infra-red signal poses no ocular or other health hazard.

The envelope of reception is totally predictable and so well contained that signals are impossible to detect when compared with even low powered radio systems. The equipment emits no electrical signals to interfere with sensitive electronic systems, flammable atmospheres or munitions. By return the system is not susceptible to interference so provides clear voice communication in areas of high electrical (or acoustic) noise. Mobile users can be provided with noise attenuating, single sided or ultra lightweight headsets. Systems are supplied for either defence or commercial use.

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