Amplifiers/Electron Devices


We offer a broad range of products from low noise amplifiers (LNAs) to high power solid state amplifiers which we provide to both our defence and commercial customers.

We supply many amplifiers for counter-IED force protection (FP) applications as well as for radar and communication systems. We also have amplifiers for EMC or other test applications with class leading performance.

In addition to these solid state devices we also offer microwave power modules (MPMs). 

At Link we have a number of engineers who have many years experience in the design and manufacture of thermionic devices.

This means we are ideally placed to advise our customers on the range of products from L3-Electron Devices (including L3-CTL) and L3 Electron Technologies.

For the military market there are class leading microwave power modules (MPMs), TWTs, klystrons magnetrons and cross field amplifiers (CFAs). For the industrial, scientific and medical market we offer thyratrons, high power magnetrons and electron guns. For the broadcast industry we have IOTs or combined with a multiple stage depressed collector the constant efficiency amplifier (CEA).

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