EMF safety measurement instruments

There are two main equipment types; ‘broadband’ and ‘frequency selective’. The Narda FieldMan & NBM series of meters and probes are broadband equipment and provide a value for the total field strength with no indication of frequency. In contrast the Narda SRM 3006 is a spectrum analyser running dedicated EMF safety software typically coupled with an isotropic probe. It provides frequency information and is capable of providing sophisticated analysis of CW or modulated signals (including 4G & 5G demodualation). The EHP-50F & EHP-200 are unique E&H field analysers.

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Which equipment is right for you?

Choosing the right measurement equipment is not always straightforward but we’re happy to guide you through the process.

To start you off: consider what frequency range is required? Do you need field strengths associated with specific frequencies or just an overall field strength? Do you need to cover the electric field (E), magnetic field (B or H) or both? Do you need to measure very low level signals or relatively high field strengths or both?

If you need to measure up to the occupational Action Levels (ALs) make sure the measurement range covers 100% (and hopefully more) of the AL. Alternatively if you want to perform meaningful measurements in public areas you’ll need to go down the frequency selective route otherwise the values you’re trying to record will be too low to identify.

As a rule of thumb it’s usual to measure electric field at higher frequencies e.g. telecoms frequencies and then magnetic fields at low frequencies e.g. 50 Hz & kHz industrial applications. For some applications  (say at 13.56 & 27.12 MHz) it’s best to measure both electric & magnetic fields. Last but not least make sure the equipment has a calibration with suitable traceability.

Just contact us for datasheets or further information on any of the Narda Safety Test Solutions product range: instruments covering from DC to 100 GHz.

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